Rihinabited and put under coltivation in 1982, after years of abandomnent, this place remained ever since an uncontaminated spot of nature.

The practice of a rigorous organic agricolture has indeed preserved our soils and waters (wells, springs, lakes) from any direct hard pollution, also manteining a balanced and diversified ecosystem where owls and robins, hedgehogs and frogs, lady bugs and fireflies, still thrive.

Woods, fields, pastures, gardens, orchards and olive-yards laternate in an harmonic polycolture, giving direct sustenance to the farm dwellers. The main income however derives from the activity of our laboratory which transforms the produce of the land in delicious sauces, jams and vegetable preserves.

In this context rises the idea of a small, "true" agritourism, family managed, where people (guests) can get in contact with real country life and also benefit from all the organic products of the farm: oil, sauces, all kind of preserves, fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables.